Thursday, 8 November 2007

Election Fever

We're in the middle of election fever here in Oz. Whether we survive it or not will be decided on November 24th. Personally I'd die if our Prime Minister and his party are re-elected into government. They are heavily pushing their economic policy/background, because quite frankly that's all they really seem to have going for them, but their poor performance in social policy and general humanitarian issues (not least being distinctly anti-gay) is what really kills it for me (oh and all those lies about SO many things that Mr Howard just seems to get away with unchecked makes me want to jump up and down and yell). But that he is where he is in the opinion polls (low, but still way too high) makes me a little nervous. I think he's waiting for some big crisis to happen between now and Nov 24th so he can pull his 'homeland security' card and win, so I'm praying for smooth sailing until then at least...

But what's happening with the whole issue of gay rights? It seems no one really wants to talk about it - I heard something remotely positive from the liberal party ministers Malcolm Turnbull, but know it's just a ploy to get him re-elected, and with no serious intent. Should the issue become an election issue? Or will a party who declares that gay rights are an issue be voted out of the election in an instant? I don't know. But I do know that the minor parties (Greens and Democrats) are the only ones likely to fight with any vigour for rights and true fairness... I just wish more people would listen to them.

This is the first post here for an eternity. Thanks people who have been coming back to check what's new (or not) . It must seem like we've been on a deserted island for a long long time...

In the hiatus I've re-designed my own blog Superchilled, so feel free to check it out for more frequent updates.

Check out the poll here on voting in the Australian Federal Election. Cast your vote early! (you don't have to be an Australian to vote in this one!)


NatureJockk said...

both of your blogs are great.
I am in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
Ireally like your SuperChilled blog.

Great stuf.



Superchilled said...

naturejock; thanks for your messages. Glad you like the blogs, unfortunately 1234men is kind of dormant - a collaborative blog that become a little less collaborative, so I'm devoting more time to my own at superchilled, hope to see you there soon.