Monday, 5 May 2008

underwear sport

Pick a sport... The guys at teamm8 have been busy creating and here you have their latest. While their site has a video of the making of the photos, I'd rather have them actually playing the sport... looking just as they are here... But I guess that's a little unrealistic of me. It seems the new trend is to wear your underwear on your shoulder or hold it in front of you. Do they come with matching backpacks? Check them out at


naturline said...

Thank you for that.That beautiful photos… enchant to me… I must spend more times this way.

Sh@ney said...

What happend to 1234 men?
This is the first post in many months. I was enjoying the reading and submissions. *winks*

Melissa said...


damian@gaytraveller said...

The Teamm8 boys are always hot.


Anonymous said...

A little off topic, Guys... I have a question. Two days ago I played around this site:
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

HOT HOT HOT Football guys..

UK Gay Community

europacific said...

magnifique dommage que le dernier article soit du 05 mai 2008 !

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John Steve said...

We're in the middle of election fever here in Oz. Whether we survive it or not will be decided on November 24th. Personally I'd die if our Prime Minister and his party are re-elected into government. They are heavily pushing their economic policy/background, because quite frankly that's all they really seem to have going for them, but their poor performance in social policy and general humanitarian issues Best Solicitors in london (not least being distinctly anti-gay) is what really kills it for me (oh and all those lies about SO many things that Mr Howard just seems to get away with unchecked makes me want to jump up and down and yell).