Saturday, 8 September 2007

1234Quiz 8

What was your favourite childhood toy?
The Frenchman: Didn't have any, I was locked in a cupboard till I turned 18... Probably my train set, I still have it.
Aussielicious: Masters of the Universe
Little Boy Blue: A small suitcase - I still have it!
The Patient Man: My imagination.. but I was also fond of the new born chickens and puppies. They were great to play with.
Superchilled: Matchbox cars – I wouldn’t go into a toy store without asking for more.

What was your favourite childhood toy?


Sue said...

I had a stuffed toy that I called my lambie pie. It looked kind of like a baby lamb. I was maybe 2-3 years old when I got it and kept it around, well, I think my mom probably has only just now gotten rid of it (I am 51).

peter von amsterdam said...

LEGO, not only I played with it, some 45 years ago, but my nephews too, its stored somewhere so their kids can play with it too... someday.

Spamouflage said...

My little pony sea horse [I can't believe I just admited to it].

Ida said...

I didn't fritter away money on toys. I dressed a piece of wood and I was happy to have it.

ojo said...

I have never been able to choose one favorite.

I loved the sewing machine I made great tracks of holes in paper.

Paper dolls were great...I could design new clothes for them.

Matchbox cars were lots of fun...I had quite the collection of them.

I had a nice collection of old fashioned marbles too.

Randy said...

I had one of those full size GI Joe's with his jeep and commando house. It was awesome! Now they only have those tiny plastic things.

Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

An electric train set - which got stolen : rotten burglars !!

Geoff & Terry said...

In order of cognitive development:

1. My stuffed panda bear, strangely enough called "Pandy" (Thanks 'Spamouflage' for breaking the ice on embarassing toy confessions!)
2. My suitcase of matchbox cars
3. Great pieces of old machinery that my dad would bring home from work for me to pull apart and put back together again.


Anonymous said...

Star Wars action figures, C-3P0 and R2-D2!!

Speeding Bullett said...

I was more a reader and loved MR MEn books and the famous 5 books. As you can tell i was trying to escape:)

Chris said...

My Matchbox cars and trucks, my mom
worked for Disneyland and would bring me home a new one whenever
they would come in, my mom rocks
Iam 51 and still have all of them!

NatureJockk said...

Hot Wheels cars and matchbox cat .
I still have most of them