Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Today's Top 4

The Top 4 Politicians who need to be booted out, and why.

Today its up to you - to let us know who needs to be booted. The more votes someone gets - the more chance they'll make our final top 4.

Write in the comments who needs to go. And we'll tally the least popular and vote them out of office!!


Anonymous said...

1. Kevin Andrews
2. Kevin Andrews
3. Kevin Andrews
4. Kevin Andrews

Sue said...

President Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleza Rice, Alberto Gonzales.
They are all fascist, constitution breaking criminals and don't deserve to be United States Citizens.

Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

Little Johnnie Howard;
Senator Heffernan;
Kevin Andrews;
Philip Ruddock.

All of them small minded, sneaky, right wing extremists not even remotely aligned with the small L Liberal Party it should be.

Ra said...

1. Steve Fielding (Family First)
2. John Howard
3. Robert Mugabe
4. Wilson Tuckey

Steve Fielding and John Howard both still living in the 50's
Robert Mugabe -why isnt anyone doing anything about this man and his atrocities oh thats right his country doesn't have oil.
Wilson Tuckey is just a conceited wanker

Anonymous said...

Monsignor Akinola of Nigeria, not a good priest.

Andrew said...

bush, cheney, and then 3 of the conservative supreme court justices to be replaced with liberal ones

Jessica said...

In no specific order, as evil cannot be placed in a hierarchy:
[1] John Howard
[2] George Bush
[3] Lech Kaczynski
[4] Kim Jong-il

JB said...

1. George Bush
2. Antonin Scalia
3. Dick Cheney
4. Jim Sesenbrenner

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