Monday, 3 September 2007

The politics of online chat/dating is fraught with minefields of political correctness, etiquette and most regularly frustration. The first site I ever created a profile on is and was probably the most popular around the globe and full of temptations to spend hours pouring through profiles and developing RSI. This site also quickly became frustrating to say the least. Sure there are a lot of guys out there whose profiles say they are after a shag and nothing more but there were thousands of profile in my city alone that say they are looking to date and find Mr when in reality when you message them they are really just trying to download

Since my early forays there have been many lessons learned with mr_totally_fake_profile.wanker taking the prize for the most annoying and a close rival for my lack of attention. I’ve been on dates with “I’m_offensive”, “desperado”, “totalobotomy_stud” and “will_you_marry_me_tomorrow” all with totally unsurprising results.

If you do find yourself in the mood for some then logging in is equally dangerous and deceptive. Photos can be accurate but incredibly misleading at the same time and that guy that's always_up4it might actually never be_up4it afterall.

Logging in to get off sometimes does produce great results. Couple friends of mine have met online and clicked and even double-clicked and sometimes an instant message can lead to a good hard-driving download or two. Yet more often than not it’s an excuse to right-click alone to your hearts content.


Kenny McCormack said...

What's the lesson here?!

If you like what you see/read - meet up in person straight up?

Life,Love,Travel said...

Funny, but it is so true :-O

lonestarsteve said...

well written and oh, so true. gay dating sites bite the big one. i've written about it in august. i'm just sayin'... -- love&luck, lonestarsteve

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