Wednesday, 22 August 2007

1234Quiz 5

Where is your favourite place to kiss?

Aussielicious: From just behind the ears down the side of the neck.
The Frenchman: Location wise a mountain lookout at night, body wise back shoulder.
Little Boy Blue: THAT crease where the abs meet the legs.
The Patient Man: Standing under the Eiffel Tower watching the lights sparkle on a balmy summer night.
Superchilled: Definitely the side of the neck, just sensational, and sensitive…

Where is your favourite place?


Francoism said...

My boyfriend and I are not very demonstrative in public. But a few years back, we had the most amazing moment in the middle of San Francisco's Castro District. A huge wet kiss was enjoyed in the middle of a busy street. Right smack on the gob.

Tom Cat of Bondi Beach said...

venue - new years eve under fire works

location - nipple

Nick said...

just everywhere :)

Sue said...

I love to kiss behind the ears and down the side of the neck. Brenton copied me!

IAN said...

on the couch

D.U.P said...

on the left side of my neck, it makes my body shiver.

Joe in the OC said...

The sexiest spot to kiss on a guy is right above his ass where the hint of his crack begins, just above where the two globes come together. But... why stop there?

Randy said...

On the mouth!

mk said...

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