Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Denim directions - Summer 08

Denim remains THE fashion staple for every man who gives the slightest hoot about looking cool out on the streets.

Depending on your tribal affiliations, jeans run the gamut from stovepipe skinny on the baby EMO’s through to the loose and baggy around your knees for the streeters.

The rest of us guys run the middle ground with fit – tight around your bum, but not the leg. Low rise still rules– in spite of some designers trying to take it back up. Stefano and Domenico have taken low rise to the absolute limit, anything lower is going to put you on first name terms with the local constabulary or Mr Aussielicious...whichever comes first, though you can’t lose either way! Cops are Tops! (some are bottoms too, I know for a fact, bit I think I am getting off topic) . I suppose the only way for jean styling from here is up!

The one consensus between all of the tribes is that your denim needs to be dark. Black denim, that hairy old staple of AC/DC and Black Sabbath aficionados is starting to show up and is in the early stages of a more mainstream fashion revival. Check flannelette shirts and ugg boots need not apply. Next winter, expect to be wearing a pair of back denims around your tight and pert ‘glutes’. But it is summer we are looking at now, so stick with the dark inky navy denim as a base and pick up one of the new really fantastic white shirts out there to show off your gorgeous summer tan-in-a-can. Alternatively, grab a brightly coloured cobalt blue or emerald green polo shirt with contrasting sneakers and very easily, you are going to look the ducks nuts!

There is still a certain level of denim looking distressed and aged - ‘Vintage’ is the fashionista term for worn patches, holes and bleached out whiskers – but I personally am a little bored looking at these jeans with holes everywhere. Yawn. Men with lovely clean dark denim with bright contrast stitching detail are going to get the most attention this summer. You’ll look fresh, modern and incredibly sexy. Trust me!

Jeans really have become the most democratic garment on the planet and are turning up at all price points with enormous style. Creative types get to wear them to the office everyday and I am rarely out of my Hugo Boss’s HB 53’s. I wear one of my several pairs every day with either a tailored suit jacket, classic shirt and great boots, or with something more casual like a polo shirt, sneakers and a knit jacket. Easy!

At the end of the day though, the rule is… there is no rule!

The PM’s handy hint #237 for jeans – if you find a jean that you really love, grab several pairs if you can, before the store runs out. Rotate them so they stay dark longer. Wash them inside out on a delicate cycle in your machine and they will love you for so much longer too!

My next post is all about the white shirt – the next big Summer 07 staple!

Later, gators!

The PM


Wes in LA said...

The model in the photo is showing a chunk of bush. I usually let a little show, although I'm more trimmed than he is. Rarely am shirtless, so you only see if if I raise my arms. I've noticed some guys checking it out.

Is this fashionably cool or not?

PS- I'm in pretty good shape.

Christiaan said...

Hey Wes,

The little bit of treasure trail peeping out from under a shirt when you stretch and move is one of the sexiest things known to man.

I have known fully grown men to become giddy (myself included!) when you get a sneak peak at the top of someones pubes.

It is very flirty and provocative and very very sexy.

Keep up the great work!


PS: Feel free to email me some pix if you want and I will include them in a post :-)

wally said...

I have worn denim sinse the sixties .. favourite apparel to wear!..blue and black but mine will stay on the hips,love my old faded one's too!Sounds very interesting for you fit guys this summer.

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