Monday, 20 August 2007

Argyle Hotel - The Rocks, Sydney

Is there any place cooler than the Argyle Hotel? It was a rainy Sunday, in the sense of SATURATINGLY rainy, and we took cover in the warmth of the Argyle Hotel. I first stepped foot in here a few weeks ago, and while at that point it was over-ridden with gay men (in a very good way), today it was a quieter affair, but the ambience was no lesser for it. A cool background rhythm thanks to the suspended DJ, divine lighting, and ample alcoves to escape to for chatting, eating, drinking and generally making merry, makes The Argyle my favourite location to while away a Sunday evening, or any evening for that matter. Oh and the 'rest rooms' are certainly spectacular - worth a visit all on their own.

Brenton, Christiaan and I had the delightful company of Lynnette - freshly flown in from Tasmania just for the occasion. I think she too is a convert. There will be more 1234Men gatherings in this watering hole in the future I'm sure. The food wasn't bad either.

Highly recommended.

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Anonymous said...

I think the man is Brenton, isn't it ?