Thursday, 16 August 2007

Doona Cave Creature

This is coming a little late in the season, I know, but I had to share this delicious little discovery with the wider world web and all of our gorgeous 1234 men.

Jonathon Charlton, a Melbourne based entrepreneur, has created the 'Lazypatch' suit. It is basically a doona turned into pants and a zip front bomber jacket and I have decided is perfect for living my newly discovered sleep-in focused weekends in. Did you also know that George 'Dubya' Bush once said that the French never had a word for 'entrepreneur'. But I digress....

I think there would just have to be Michelin Man issues of course, as it is basically quilted clothing, but how heavenly to romp around the house on weekends, staying as warm as you would normally be in your big fluffy toasty warm bed. I am waiting for the 'two man' version to be released. That would make my weekend superbly perfect and unbelievable fun. Can you imagine?! For some of you crazy bunch of funsters out there, I doubt a multi-man version is on the drawing board. More than two men in a bed and the doona sort of becomes a hinderance...
Check it out at Nice pictures, though the he-module's hair looks like it is dyed a 'mahogany brown' colour that my mum had in 1989. Nice pecs though!

Purchases also contribute a percentage to the Simon Rhoden Foundation supporting Cystic Fibrosis sufferers.

Warm and toasty on the inside and the outside!

The PM


bob m said...

Please excuse the clueless american,
what is a "doona"?
Is it something that you put on a bed?

BTW: love the new blog!

Christiaan said...

Hey Bob,

A doona is the main bed cover you find in Oz. They are filled with all types of fillings, depending on the warmth required and price point.

Polyester fibre is the cheapest and the least warm then you sky rocket to to goose down and feather...depending on how cold you get! The more Goose down there is, the more expensive and the more warmer it is as well.

I had a wool filled doona once, but it weighed an absolute tonne and my toes would ache in the morning from the weight of the thing!

wally said...

I reckon it would be nice an cosy in that lazypatch suit! the problem mate is finding that man to hop in with ya....and when you did..I reckon you'd have him out of it in a wink!
Here's an teresting fact...Did ya know DOONA is a brand name?

bob m said...

Thanks! In the USA they are called "comforters" and they can be quite comforting when they are all warm and cuddley, particularly when they are being fluffed by some one like chad white...;)

Christiaan said...

I would't mind at all for Chad to comfort and fluff me.

Yes, Comfort and fluff, comfort and fluff, comfort and fluff...... all night long!!!